Research and Development

investigacion campo de tiro

Always at the forefront of the newest technology, TIROSPORT’S counts on a qualified team of expert engineers, technicians and computer operators who constantly create, research and develop new systems, processes and materials, therefore updating our products, making work easier and offering all kinds of advances and conveniences that provide countless options and maximum easiness for our clients and sport shooting lovers.

Nowadays, TIROSPORT’S already has a wide range of electronic products for the automatic control of shooting ranges, shooters and results control, data management, monitoring and display, electronic scoreboards and all kind of shooting systems, together with endless possibilities, all of them with the latest materials and means, like smart pre-paid card systems, TFT or plasma flat screen televisions, radio-frequency systems, software applications intended for any type of user, and all technological complements ideal for an effective management of the whole functioning of a shooting club as efficiently, practically and simplified as possible, without ignoring quality and usefulness.

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