historia de tirosport

TIROSPORT’S was born in 1991 as a consequence of the enormous interest and tenacity of its founder, Mister José María Jiménez Gómez. The great expertise acquired after a whole life dedicated to sport shooting and his well-earned prestige in numerous shooting clubs throughout the Spanish geography soon made him become an unquestionable referent in sport shooting technical facilities.

Nowadays, TIROSPORT’S commercializes in Spain the products of the most prestigious international trademarks, like Mattarelli s.a.s., Eurotarget s.r.l., and Corsivia, all of them undisputable world trademarks in the manufacturing of machines, clay targets and propellers. Having as well the invaluable collaboration of Mister Jiménez’s son, Daniel Jiménez, and a wide and qualified team of engineers, computer operators and technicians, who develop the indispensible electronics for machine control in any shooting discipline, electronic boards, secquencers, coin box, chip card payment terminals, electronic scoreboards and monitors, and many more, that form the world’s widest range of products and accessories for shooting facilities.

All this makes TIROSPORT’S the sector’s leading company in which the main and most important national and even international shooting/target ranges trust, which have made us participant and responsible for the most well-known achievements in the Spanish history of shooting. This is an unequivocal proof of the excellent work carried out in and for sport shooting.

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